We develop electromechanical engineering projects from scratch, that meet the highest quality standards in their fields.
We deliver exceptional quality in each of our projects, which is a direct consequence of the labour we employ.
At Laukkanen, we are aware of the importance of supplying energy equipment and services, and as such we have specialised in supply and set-up.
In Laukkanen we are aware of the importance of maintaining a natural balance with the environment. This has motivated us to add an Environmental Impact Evaluation service.

What we do?

In Laukkanen, we understand that the best design results from a comprehensive analysis of a problem in order to reach the best and simplest solution available. As a result our offer covers:

  • Hydraulic engineering solutions.
  • Sanitary and raining engineering.
  • Natural and stationary gas engineering.
  • Electric engineering.
  • Building automation.
  • Special requirements.

Why us?

Because we focus on finding the best solution to your projects efficiently with the best technology available , always taking care of your scenic design.

We fulfill our commitments seriously and timeliness for Engineering is not an obstacle.
We integrate your team and create efficient working links .
Our Team has the expertise to plan, integrate and execute each project and work experience.
Willingness to Change
We are convinced that it is always possible to find new and better ways .
We follow our projects from the moment that is assigned until it is working.
We have different plans of design, supervision and execution that fit your needs.
Once we undertake a project did not stop until I finish providing added value to each project.
We'll be pleased to serve you.