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What is Laukkanen?

We are a team of engineers and architects dedicated to develop electro-mechanical solutions for buildings in accordance with the highest design standards.

Due to our extensive experience in the field we can offer the very best experience in the planning and execution areas within the electro-mechanical engineering market.

In Laukkanen, we understand that the best design results from a comprehensive analysis of a problem in order to reach the best and simplest solution available. We bring together, from the beginning to the end, all the different disciplines involved in the project. As a result our offer covers:

  • Hydraulic engineering solutions.
  • Sanitary and raining engineering.
  • Natural and stationary gas engineering.
  • Electric engineering.
  • Building automation.
  • Special requirements.

M, V & V


To provide the best electro-mechanical solutions of any scale for projects in Mexico (from & for the global market) with state-of-the-art technology.


We envision ourselves to be the first port of call for any electro-mechanical engineering solutions in Mexico with a particular focus on those with an international connection.


Proactive: from day one we walk side-by-side with you, addressing your needs, solving your challenges and foreseeing your problems.

Committed: We are involved through every single phase of your project, even if the execution of this has not being assigned to us. We will adjust the project, even if it has being finalized, to make ensure this can be implemented and it fulfils the function it was design for.

Flexible: Our engineers and architects are able to work with your team in order to build effective and efficient work strategies.

Successful: We will complete each project to our client’s highest expectations.

Open to Change: We believe that there are always new and better ways to solve a problem, and never close our minds to different ways of thought.

Learn: In each project we seek the opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

Why us?

From the moment you contact Laukkanen, we will offer solutions to give you peace of mind in your project’s electro-mechanical engineering requirements.

Our team is focused on supplying solutions which improve the operation and functionality of your projects and buildings, whilst respecting the original design and architecture of the building.

We only consider our work or designs to be successfully completed when we have resolved the needs and requirements that our customers entrusted to us by adding the maximum comfort and functionality for the final user.

Our definition of a successfully executed engineering design is: “one that is not seen, not heard, and not felt, but whose work is only enjoyed.”

Our Customers

We have had the opportunity to work with customers from various sectors including retail, health services and residential.

Please look at the gallery of photos to appreciate some of the projects on which we have worked.

Our team

The Laukkanen team members are highly trained and experienced in their fields, and they know how to plan, integrate and execute every project to which they are assigned. As a result we can offer a great mix of young talent and experience in every project.

Contact Details

Coquimbo 868 Col. Lindavista CDMX Delegación Gustavo A. Madero

01 55 6731 6384

Office Hours: Monday to Friday  9 to 18 hrs.