Environmental Impact

In Laukkanen we are aware of the importance of maintaining a natural balance with the environment. This has motivated us to add an Environmental Impact Evaluation service.

This evaluation analyses the impact of construction on its surroundings.  We compare the results of this analysis with regulated limits to protect, preserve and restore the environmental ecosystems which allows us to reduce/minimise the negative impacts when required.

The service encompasses the following options:

  • Analysis of the environmental impact in key areas, including but not limited to water, land, contamination, ecosystems etc. This analysis can be used to get project approval in relation to environmental matters.
  • Risk analysis evaluations.
  • Application of environmental licenses and permits and construction supervision.
  • Environmental and characterization of land.
  • Change of use of land studies.
  • Legal advisory in environmental norms and laws.
  • Valuation of environmental impact.
  • Environmental care programs.
  • Environmental process development.

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