Execution and Supervision of Electro-Mechanical Works

We deliver exceptional quality in each of our projects, which is a direct consequence of the labour we employ. Well qualified workers are always accompanied by a supervisor with proven experience.

We prepare well detailed, clear budgets to avoid ‘surprises’ during the execution process.

At the beginning of the works, we ensure that our operational staff know and understand to perfection the project, the construction process to be used and the timetable of execution. This allows us to anticipate and prevent possible problems by transforming them into timely solutions.

As a result of our planning processes, we know that we can execute both our projects and those designed by a third party. Our clients can trust us with both.

What makes us different from our competitors:

  • Qualified and experienced workforce to achieve the highest quality standards
  • Materials from recognised and proven brands
  • Our team are accustomed to seek the supervisor’s opinion before any changes from the initial plan are executed
  • Standard testing at any moment to guarantee functionality

Our offering


  • Hydraulic installation
  • Sanitary and pluvial installation
  • Natural and stationary gas installation
  • Medium voltage electric installation
  • Low voltage electric installation


  • Supply of equipment and set-up of CCTV systems
  • Piping and cabling of all the CCTV data systems

Automation Systems

  • Automation of access and exit controls to buildings
  • Supply and set-up of automation systems
  • Automatización de Controles de Accesos.
  • Incorporation of motors and equipment to the automation systems

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