Planning and Development of Electromechanical Engineering

At Laukkanen, we offer the best experience to our customers by developing electromechanical engineering projects from scratch, that meet the highest quality standards in their fields..

A successful project is always a consequence of good planning. We work closely with our customers from the beginning to understand their requirements and propose the best engineering solutions available in the market.

When you choose to execute your projects with us, you will be hiring a highly qualified team of professionals that will mediate and solve any conflict that could arise in any stage of the project to ensurethat we achieve what you, our client, requires.

Our working motto is “For complex problems, the simplest solution”. We believe that the best design results from a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the problem to reach the simplest solution. At every moment we balance cost, functionality, security and sustainability.

We use a simple and transparent design methodology that facilitates the understanding of all the people involved in the project, allows us to involve all the other parties involved, and achieves a comprehensive plan which is easy to understand and execute.

What we do

  • 24/7 availability during the execution of the project.
  • Team of highly capable and up to date engineers.
  • On time project delivery – always.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Clear design methodology.
  • Sustainable engineering at any level.
  • Continuity of our project into work.


  • Network drawing
  • Calculation and specification of pump equipment
  • Water heating systems
  • Equipment to make water drinkable
  • Irrigation systems through a sprinklers
  • Utilization of rain water
  • Network drawing
  • Sump pumps
  • Rainwater cisterns
  • Rainwater treatment
  • Network drawing
  • Stationary tank calculations
  • Gasmeters
  • High and low pressure
  • Master Planning
  • Medium Voltage Design
  • Lighting Consultation & Calculations
  • Power Systems
  • Land systems
  • Illumination automation
  • Remote equipment and motor access
  • Access control
  • Centralised audio
  • CCTV
  • Data/Comm, VoIP
  • Audio & Visual Systems
  • Uninterrupted energy systems

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